Justice League Blu-Ray Hints At Extended Wonder Woman Action Sequence


By now, you’re probably aware of how much footage didn’t make it into the version of Justice League that we ultimately received in theaters, thus leading to demand that the fabled Zack Snyder cut see the light of day. And while the home video release will indeed contain a few extra treats involving Superman, it’s one of DC’s other A-listers that we’re here to discuss today.

We are, of course, talking about Wonder Woman, who rose up and became one of 2017’s greatest box office powerhouses. Truth be told, one would think her inclusion would’ve naturally spelled likewise success for Justice League, but that unfortunately wasn’t this case. Given that, it’s understandable as to why Gal Gadot is front and center in various examples of cover art for the Blu-ray and other formats.

As can sometimes be the case with bonus content, one featurette to be included on the disc hints at what could’ve been an extended rescue sequence involving Wonder Woman. In it, we see Diana mop the floor with a group of criminals who don’t stand a chance. Not only that, but we get an idea of what it’s like to be kicked in the face by Zack Snyder near the end.

To be honest, this makes me wish that we’d seen the full breadth of this particular scene, with a few of the moves having been witnessed in trailers. Factoring in the Amazon Warrior’s aforementioned box office success, you’d think she wouldn’t have been marginalized, but I guess you have to pare down to that under two-hour running time mandated by the studio somehow.

Justice League is now available digitally, with Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on March 13 (pre-order here). Will you be picking it up? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.