Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five Astounds With Its First Trailer


It wasn’t that long ago when I admitted how Justice League vs. The Fatal Five‘s initial announcement didn’t exactly inspire much excitement within me, perhaps because 2019 will finally see Batman: Hush adapted to an animated film. But once we began learning more about the project and the “sneak peek” featurette found its way online, my interest level rose exponentially.

To succinctly describe why I care so much – and why you should as well – I need only say that this particular flick will serve as a spiritual successor of sorts to Justice League Unlimited, which I believe to be the best animated superhero series ever made. I mean, not only does it reunite Kevin Conroy (Batman), George Newbern (Superman) and Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) as the Trinity, but it also brings back the same character models Bruce Timm whipped up for the aforementioned TV show.

Of course, we may have to wait until the Blu-ray arrives before learning if indeed this is a continuation of Justice League Unlimited, or if it simply takes visual cues just as Batman and Harley Quinn did with The New Batman Adventures. Either way, the first trailer (seen at the top) is probably the last piece of incentive needed for those still on the fence.

Aside from featuring some of the most recognizable fictional characters around, it should also interest you to know that Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (voiced by Diane Guerrero) will be at the center of the piece as DC’s premier super group go up against a truly formidable quintet hailing from the 31st century.

Rounding out the eclectic lineup will be Mr. Terrific (Kevin Michael Richardson), Miss Martian (Daniela Bobadilla) and Star Boy (Elyes Gabel). If you’d like to see more of them – including the Trinity – be sure to peruse the accompanying gallery that’s slowly growing.

Right now, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five lacks a release date, though an April or May debut is expected. In fact, now that the trailer’s out there, odds are WB will put out a full press release listing off the bonus features to be included and disclosing when we can get our hands on the Blu-ray in the very near future. As such, stay tuned for more.