New Justice League Snyder Cut Image Teases Cyborg’s Origin Story

Image via DC Films

It isn’t exactly a secret that a lot of footage originally shot for the theatrical release of Justice League ended up on the cutting room floor when Joss Whedon stepped in following Zack Snyder’s departure, so much so that Snyder admitted that up to 75% of his reassembled cut of the movie has never been seen before.

We already know that Darkseid and a black-suited Superman have been added into the Snyder Cut to the joy of fans everywhere, but it also looks as though Cyborg will have a greatly expanded role. Actor Ray Fisher has been a vocal critic of how his character’s arc was affected by the change in director, not to mention his public call-out of Whedon’s abusive behavior on the set, and folks are expecting to see a lot more of him in the new cut.

Scenes featuring Cyborg’s origin story were included in the earliest trailers for Justice League, but were nowhere to be found when the superhero blockbuster arrived in theaters in heavily-altered form, and after having his proposed solo movie canceled soon after, it appeared that the DCEU was poised to give up on Victor Stone entirely.

However, a new photo from the Snyder Cut has arrived to continue building the hype as this weekend’s DC FanDome approaches and it looks like Cyborg’s origin story will finally be getting its due. See for yourself below:

Despite his comments about Joss Whedon potentially inviting legal action, Cyborg may also be returning from the wilderness to appear in The Flash along with having a much bigger role in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, which marks a huge turnaround for a character that felt completely dead in the water up until very recently.