Justice League Snyder Cut Will Reportedly Feature Supergirl

Superman Supergirl

Given that he recently claimed up to 75% of the movie will be footage that we’ve never seen before, Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League already looks to have enough plot threads to resolve without the possibility of introducing any more. However, the filmmaker’s time at the helm of the DCEU wasn’t exactly characterized by light and breezy narratives, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in particular packed with enough content to fill three movies, and now that he’s finally got the chance to realize his original vision, he may as well go for broke.

In a recent watch party for Man of Steel, Snyder confirmed that a glimpse of an open pod on the Kryptonian ship was a deliberate nod towards his plans to expand the mythology and eventually introduce Supergirl into the shared universe, even though he’d already denied the very same thing two years previously. And while we still don’t know the full details on what we’ll see in the new cut of the film just yet, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us that both the Snyder Cut and a Justice League Dark show were heading for HBO Max long before either was confirmed – that the current plan is to have the aforementioned heroine show up for a cameo in the movie.

According to our intel, the director fully intends to include Supergirl and though the role hasn’t been cast yet, the studio is eyeing Elle Fanning to play Kara Zor-El. It’s unclear if she’s been approached already or if she’d even have time to take on the role, but that’s who they want for the part and should all go to plan, we’ll see her debut in the Snyder Cut.

With reports that the new and hopefully improved version of Justice League will run for over four hours and could ultimately end up being released in installments as a miniseries, it may seem a little unnecessary for Snyder to bring in another well-known character when the focus should be on expanding and developing the arcs of those that were under-utilized in the theatrical release. But at the same time, this would only be a cameo and would obviously act as a set-up for Kara to go on and have a much bigger role in the DCEU moving forward.