Kang revealed as major villain in leaked ‘Avengers’ movie titles to come

Kang Loki

One day ahead of what is expected to be some juicy reveals from Marvel during San Diego Comic-Con, reports are already surfacing that Disney has filed the trademarks for the next couple of Avengers movies, inadvertently revealing their titles early — including Jonathan Majors’ Kang, who first appeared in the Disney Plus show Loki, being set up as a main villain.

The leak revealed the titles that Disney trademarked included Avengers: Secret Wars and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, as TheDirect reported. Though the trademarks were first brought to the public via a post on Reddit, each of the trademark filings could also be corroborated on the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s website — one filing for The Kang Dynasty and one for Secret Wars are both publicly available.

Secret Wars has been pinpointed as the next Avengers-worthy crossover by fans ever since Phase Four began, and while the Russo brothers keep denying that they’re set to return to the fold and direct it, we might well be getting some answers sooner rather than later based on the brand new filings, and their proximity to Kevin Feige’s arrival onto the stage in Hall H.

Though there is little information about the forthcoming presumed movie, the filing would seem to confirm the widely-held belief that Kang is being set up as the current Marvel saga’s version of a Thanos-level villain. Majors’ appearance as Kang in Loki certainly seemed to poise audiences to get ready to get used to him as a nigh-all-powerful threat across the multiverse.

We’ll be sure to find out more when Marvel does their scheduled slate of reveals at SDCC this Saturday.