Keanu Reeves confirms recent meeting with Kevin Feige

By our estimation, it’s been roughly 24 hours since Keanu Reeves was confronted with a question surrounding his potential, presumed and somewhat inevitable involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The beloved star responded by saying it would be a fun gig, but wouldn’t elaborate on whether or not he had a specific character in mind. A while back, the action legend admitted that it would be an honor to join the most successful franchise in the history of cinema, and you can bet that rumors will abound until he does.

Much like Andrew Garfield being bombarded by Spider-Man: No Way Home questions when he was promoting The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Tick, Tick… Boom!, Reeves has been spending The Matrix Resurrections press circuit facing MCU-related lines of inquiry.

In an encouraging but still vague update, the returning Neo revealed to ComicBook that he’s met with Marvel Studios boss and company chief creative officer Kevin Feige, but that’s all he’s willing to divulge.

“We haven’t [found a project] yet. We have met, and [Kevin Feige]’s a cool cat. Yeah. But no, we don’t have anything, gotta find something.”

There are currently upwards of 30 film and television projects in various stages of development for the MCU, so there’s hardly a shortage of potential avenues for which to debut Keanu Reeves, and the internet will explode in a flaming ball of excitement if and when it happens.