Keanu Reeves Being Eyed For Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange 2

With Keanu Reeves enjoying a renewed career boost of late, it seems like the next step for him would be to do a major superhero movie. As we’ve previously reported, Marvel and DC are both hoping to nab the actor for their respective franchises, and in doing so are attempting to tempt him with a variety of roles in different films. And the latest, we’re hearing, is that Reeves is being eyed for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us that Taskmaster will be the villain in Black Widow, and that Black Knight and Moon Knight were coming to the MCU, all of which turned out to be true – that one role Marvel has in mind for the John Wick star is Nightmare, who’s set to be the big bad of Doctor Strange’s second solo movie. We’ve already brought you the news that Matt Smith is also in the running for the part, with a 4Chan rumor linking David Tennant to the character as well. It seems Reeves is another name on the same wishlist, though we’re told that this is just one idea floating around for Keanu in the MCU and he could easily end up with a different part instead.

After all, we know that Marvel desperately wants Reeves on board. Kevin Feige has even admitted that the studio reaches out to the star for practically every film they do in the hopes that something will work out. So, the fact that Reeves is one name in the mix for Nightmare makes a lot of sense. Maybe playing a demonic otherworldly villain in a psychedelic horror movie like Multiverse of Madness might be the part to finally hook him in?

As for DC, we’ve heard that they’re considering Reeves as a rebooted Deathstroke or else getting him back to reprise John Constantine, who he first played in the 2003 Constantine movie. The actor has said he’d like to portray the supernatural detective again, so perhaps DC will win the Reeves bidding war. Then again, it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive and he could easily turn up in both the Marvel and DC universes.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Keanu Reeves in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Or should he play a different role in the MCU? Sound off in the usual place down below with your thoughts.