Kevin Feige’s Reportedly The One Holding Up Deadpool 3, Not Disney

Deadpool 2

While fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are understandably excited about the prospect of Deadpool suiting up and joining cinema’s biggest and most popular franchise, many of them also have their concerns about how such a unique character could fit into an environment that seems ill-suited for a foul-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking mercenary completely aware of the fact that he’s the star of a comic book movie.

Having carefully built and expanded the MCU from the ground up, Kevin Feige expects all of his filmmakers to play by the established narrative rules, and the introduction of someone like Deadpool could potentially present some major obstacles. Either they fully embrace the Merc with a Mouth and deliver their first R-rated movie that defies all of the conventions that we’ve come to expect from the long-running superhero series, or they water it down and sanitize it to the point that the title hero is a virtually unrecognizable version of himself.

The fact that there’s been so little movement on a property that’s already generated over $1.5 billion at the box office, and that star Ryan Reynolds has admitted that he doesn’t have a clue when Deadpool 3 will be made, indicates that the Disney and Marvel aren’t sure how to approach the project. The general consensus seemed to be that the Mouse House were getting cold feel over making an R-rated entry in the MCU, but a new report indicates that Feige himself could be the one holding things up.

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, who proved to be a reliable insider when it came to the Justice League Snyder Cut, the President of Marvel Studios is the reason why development on Deadpool 3 has been moving at a snail’s pace, not his overlords at the Mouse House.

On one hand, you can understand why Marvel would take their time developing a movie that has to be adapted and marketed entirely differently from the rest of their output, but the longer this drags on for the more it’ll start to look like Deadpool 3 won’t be happening at all. Each phase of the franchise is planned years in advance, and now that Wade Wilson has landed in his lap as part of a corporate takeover, it appears as though Feige doesn’t know what to do with him at such short notice.