Kevin Feige Reportedly Meeting With Tom Holland For Star Wars Role

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You’d think that originating, developing and then spearheading the single most lucrative franchise that cinema has ever known would be enough for most people, but even after recently being promoted to Chief Creative Officer for all of Marvel’s operations, Kevin Feige is still keen to expand his portfolio further.

After previously admitting that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had drawn plenty of inspiration from Star Wars, it seemed fitting when it was announced that Feige was developing a standalone movie for Lucasfilm set in a galaxy far, far away. The super-producer has never shied away from the fact that his love for the sci-fi series has been around longer and runs deeper than his interest in comic books, and despite Star Wars movies facing unprecedented backlash in recent years, if anyone can get the fans back on board, it’s the man behind the MCU.

Almost as soon as it was announced, both Brie Larson and Chris Evans threw their hats into the ring for a part in Feige’s Star Wars, and now we’ve heard that another one of the MCU’s biggest stars could be set to play a key role.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us [SPOILERS] would be revealed as a traitor in Rise of Skywalker and Ahsoka will appear in The Mandalorian – Feige will soon be meeting with Tom Holland to discuss a potential part for the Spider-Man star in his Star Wars project. While there are no further details available as of yet, the role in question is said to be an original character, which is good news, as the recent Star Wars movies have seemed determined to cling onto the past and tie everything to the Original Trilogy in one way or another.

What the franchise needs is a fresh perspective, and hopefully that’s what Feige’s planning on bringing to the table. Unfortunately, it may be a while before we learn more about what he’s got in store for us, but clearly he’s keen to have some of his MCU colleagues involved, and that can only be a good thing for fans.