Kit Harington Turned Down A Superhero Role Before Eternals

Kit Harington Eternals

We’re only seven weeks away from the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, and it’s shaping up to be one of the franchise’s most exciting projects yet, based on nothing but the talent involved and the footage painting the cosmic blockbuster as a dreamlike epic unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the shared superhero saga before.

Two-time Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao looks to have made a seamless jump from low budget independent cinema into the biggest game in town, with Kevin Feige admitting that he wouldn’t have even considered making Eternals without her at the helm.

The cast boasts A-list stars, rising stars and recognizable faces, many of whom are making their debut in the comic book genre. One of them is Game of Thrones veteran Kit Harington, who admitted in a new interview with Total Film magazine that Eternals wasn’t the first time he’d been offered the opportunity to suit up.

“You know, the comic-book and superhero world has called once before, and I didn’t like the role and the part and the time to do it. So I turned it down. And then this one felt right to me. I liked that the character they were offering was not necessarily an Eternal. He was human. I did like that. I felt that I could do something with that, that he came with all these human faults.

So it was the character that drew me to it, as well as it being the MCU, and how exciting. I won’t mention what it was, but yeah, there was one other superhero movie that I did turn down a while ago. It was a while ago as well, just because it didn’t feel like the right thing at the right time. And I think I was right to. My head was very in the Jon Snow world then.”

While the actor fails to mention what role he was being eyed for previously, it does at least indicate that he wouldn’t have simply boarded a major property for the sake of increasing his own value in the industry. Everyone involved with Eternals is saying all the right things, and the MCU as a whole has barely put a foot wrong over the last thirteen years and counting, so we could be in store for something truly special when November 5th rolls around.