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Latest Horror News: Mia Goth’s actual voice drops a genre bombshell as an Oscar contender splits fans down the middle

She definitely sounds nothing like Pearl.

Mia Goth in Pearl wielding an ax
Image via A24

Happy Friday, gorehounds! At last, the weekend is nearly upon us, after a headline-worthy week of news stories in the colossal horror genre. As always, our daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered is set to elaborate on all of the newest updates in the spooktacular catalog, which is certainly exciting all on its own. In today’s pile of news, the entire horror world is in shock after hearing notorious scream queen Mia Goth’s real voice in a recently viral recording as a supernatural horror flick that was submitted for an Oscar has successfully divided fans.

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Mia Goth’s authentic voice is sending shockwaves of real horror

The world is utterly shocked after hearing scream queen Mia Goth's voice
Image via A24

As it seems, the majority of horror fanatics are so used to scream queen Mia Goth putting on a Southern-esque drawl for the films in Ti West’s X trilogy that the fandom has become horrified after hearing her actual voice. In a recent viral video on Twitter, Goth reveals which career choice she would have flocked to if not for becoming an actress. And although Goth was born in London, fans on Twitter have compared her voice to various other entertainment figures like Peppa Pig, a “sickly child,” and a child who pickpockets rich people. The entire situation is unbelievably wild, and just shows how talented of an actress Goth actually is to fool most of the internet.

According to passionate horror fans, Evil Dead is a knockout remake

Evil Dead remake Sam Raimi
Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

Truth be told, it’s hard to compete with the sheer brilliance and unmatched terror of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, which released back in the ‘80s during one of the best decades for the genre. However, horror fanatics on Reddit are swearing by their word that the 2013 remake is great, if not better, than its original predecessor. And despite maintaining a few different elements in comparison to the original, the Evil Dead remake successfully utilizes a bone-chilling narrative and vomit-inducing gore to establish itself as one of the best remakes in the horrifying bracket — and that’s no easy accomplishment.

To the surprise of nobody, Terrifier has split fans right down the middle

Art the Clown from Terrifier 2
Image via Bloody Disgusting

Both of Damien Leone’s Terrifier films are amongst the two scariest and bloodiest flicks in the mammoth horror genre — and for good reason, they’re absolutely terrifying. As it turns out, not every horror junkie is a fan of the gorefests, with a considerably large portion of Redditors finding issues with the movies. Of course, an abundance of users crawled out of the woodwork and offered up support, but the number wasn’t as large as you’d think. It makes sense, seeing as most folks have the tendency to steer away from overly violent movies. But sometimes these movies remind us of the originality crawling within the genre, and there’s always room for innovation.

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