Latest Horror News: ‘Terrifier’ star pens the perfect response to nude scenes as ‘Evil Dead Rise’ director promises a blood-stained installment

Terrifier horror
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Happy Monday, gorehounds! We’re officially one week until Christmas, which means Halloween is definitely long gone and forgotten. However, that’s just what society would want you to think! In reality, Halloween is still heavily discussed and notably connected to the horror genre, which is never at a surplus when it comes to content. In fact, today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered is jam-packed with a variety of goodies that will add a touch of ‘spook’ to those ho-ho-ho’s. From reactions to nudity scenes to the promise of blood-stained adventures, there’s plenty to keep your eyes peeled for in today’s juicy collection of news.

So, take a break from wrapping that mountain of Christmas presents on your office chair and follow along as we dive into the latest updates in the horror bubble.

Terrifier star rightfully claps back at internet trolls in gracious op-ed

Terrifier Dawn
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Ever since the release of Damien Leone’s Terrifier, the much-discussed horror experience has been the talk of the town — so much so that the movie ignited a follow-up sequel that was released in October. Nevertheless, Terrifier’s release sparked plenty of controversies, especially in regard to the project’s grotesque allegory and nude scenes. And thanks to star Catherine Corcoran, the latter topic was finally addressed in a way that is both poetic and earth-shattering. In a recently published op-ed story, Corcoran graciously clapped back against internet trolls on Twitter and revealed the importance of her infamous hacksaw scene from Terrifier — a scene that strips the literal autonomy and persuades viewers to understand the importance of women’s freedom, body, and power, in a way that disputes the idea that women are nothing more than sexual entities. And if those Twitter tyrants weren’t listening before, they better be now.

Even Stephen King prefers the television remake of The Shining

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Over the years, a common discourse clogging up the horror fandom has been the debate over which version of Stephen King’s The Shining is the undisputed best. While a large handful of fanatics continuously praise Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 flick, another section of King stans are daring the rest of the world to consider Mick Garris’ television remake. Strangely enough, as it turns out, passionate telephilias actually aren’t the only ones who prefer the TV version. That’s right, King himself is actually a firm believer that the television adaptation is miles better (and more credible to the source material) in comparison to the film version. Well… the King and his fans have spoken.

New Evil Dead installment is set to be bloodier than ever

Evil Dead Rise horror
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Ever since it was initially announced, Evil Dead fanatics have been rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the fifth installment of the film series — which is set to be explored in 2023’s Evil Dead Rise. And based on a recent interview with director Lee Cronin, the upcoming feature looks to be a wild adventure with plenty of blood-stained moments. Of course, you’d hardly find a diehard fan that would complain, so it’s precise to state that we’re all simply waiting for the film to release.

Return here tomorrow, King enthusiasts, for another daily horror roundup.