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Latest Marvel News: As ‘The Marvels’ might not be the pioneer we thought, ‘Deadpool 3’ seems suspiciously close to becoming ‘Avengers 4.5’

Is the Multiverse Saga resting on Ryan Reynolds' shoulders?

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Brie Larson in 'The Marvels'
Image via 20th Century Fox/Screenshot via Marvel Studios

Take a look at the anxiety-upping slate of upcoming MCU movies, and it becomes increasingly clear that Deadpool 3 is much more significant to the Multiverse Saga and Marvel‘s hopes of redeeming its reputation than we might necessarily be expecting. And it seems that’s set to be reflected in its plot too, if we believe the latest leaks concerning its story. But, first, The Marvels might not turn out to be everything it was reported to be, but that’s OK, because you never know what Santa’s gonna bring us…

The Marvels might not be the MCU’s first musical, but we may not have to wait for the real thing

Captain Marvel looking concerned
Image via Marvel Studios

With The Marvels apparently heading for a runtime that a Pixar movie would think is too skinny, rumor has it we’ll be losing out on a much-promised big musical set piece. But don’t despair just yet, as it looks like What If…? season two — which is pegged as premiering on Disney Plus this Christmastime, so only a month or so after The Marvels releases in November — could feature a special musical episode. This would then make it the real first musical in the MCU, swiping the crown that the Brie Larson sequel apparently won’t be earning. Don’t expect the musicality to end there, though, with Agatha: Title of the Week on its way.

Deadpool 3 is growing more important to the future of the MCU by the day following more Secret Wars tie-in rumors

Images via Marvel Studios/Fox

You may already have read that Deadpool 3 could have some kind of tie-ins to Avengers: Secret Wars, but now further alleged plot information paints a clearer picture of how this could be achieved. Supposedly, we’re in for Wade Wilson and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine coming together thanks to both heroes being plucked from their universes and forced to duke it out on Battleworld — you know, the composite reality that’s integral to the Secret Wars comics storyline. So, not only is this film introducing DP into the MCU and bringing back a host of Fox legacy stars, it’s also paving the way for Avengers 5 and 6. Let’s hope Reynolds’ knees can stand the pressure of holding up the entire franchise on his lonesome.

Daredevil: Born Again headed for domestic bliss for Matt Murdock but trouble in paradise for the Fisks

kingpin daredevil
via Marvel Television

Daredevil: Born Again might be sadly removed from the schedules at present due to the strikes leaving its release window up in the air, but we’re still being drip-fed interesting hints at what we can expect from perhaps the most highly anticipated Marvel streaming series. Suffice it to say that, Margarita Levieva’s character may just have more importance to the story than simply being Matt Murdock’s 505th love interest in the MCU (I feel your pain, Sharedevil shippers), with her potentially serving as a couple therapist to none other than Murdock’s arch-enemy, Wilson Fisk, and his wife, Vanessa. Maybe their marriage is having problems because one of them has regenerated since we last saw them?

Christmas doesn’t come everyday, but you can be sure that the Marvel news roll-out will never dry up, so make sure to leave some milk and cookies for Kevin Feige before you go to bed tonight.

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