Latest Sci-Fi News: ‘Wonder Woman 3’ gets canned alongside Henry Cavill’s ‘Man of Steel’ as ‘The Acolyte’ set photos prepare us for a Sith-driven ‘Star Wars’ tale

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For a moment there, DC fans were beginning to feel really excited about the prospects of their favorite superhero world in live-action, with celebrated filmmaker James Gunn taking over the creative aspect of things and Henry Cavill returning as the Man of Steel. But now, in just a week’s time, we’ve learned that Cavill’s fate as Superman is still ambiguous and Warner Bros. has cancelled Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel.

As you’d imagine, fans aren’t taking this well, but as unelievable as it might sound given the convenient timeline of events, we can’t lay all the blame at James Gunn’s feet. In other news, Avatar: The Way of Water producer finally addresses that hilarious Papyrus skit on SNL while new set photos from The Acolyte reveal exactly the kind of story we can expect from the Sith-centered Star Wars project. Check all of that out and more below.

The reason Warner Bros. decided to pull the plug on Wonder Woman 3

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You might think that James Gunn is planning to retcon the Snyderverse and, in simple terms, do his own thing with the DC Universe, but according to the latest report by TheWrap, the decision to can Wonder Woman 3 came before Gunn and Peter Safran got the promotion.

Indeed, it seems the treatment Patty Jenkins wrote for her threequel didn’t sit well with Warner Bros. chairpersons, so they asked her to take it in a direction that was a bit more congruent with their current vision for the franchise. Jenkins snapped at the executives and refused their offer, claiming that they didn’t understand the character or her arc. And so, from where things stand, neither Gal Gador nor Henry Cavill are likely to reprise their respective roles as Diana Prince and Clark Kent in DC, though Gunn is hardly to blame for it, having just arrived at the scene of this already mishandled cinematic venture.

Speaking of, the internet thinks this is the role Henry Cavill ought to play should the Superman gig not work out

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Mere weeks after departing The Witcher, but with prospects of returning as the Man of Steel in the DCEU, it has been reported that James Gunn might no longer be interested in resurrecting this version of Clark Kent. Cavill fans are obviously devastated hearing about this development, but some of them are already planning for the actor to take on another huge franchise, one that he’s actually a massive fan of as a gamer.

Indeed, folks have been fan-casting Cavill in different roles from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and they’re adamant that the actor should have a part in any potential live-action adaptations in the future. We couldn’t agree more.

The Acolyte might just be the Star Wars story that we’ve always secretly wanted to see

Image via LucasFilm

For the first time in Star Wars history, we’re finally getting a live-action project set outside the Skywalker Saga. A show like Andor or The Book of Boba Fett hardly has anything to do with the main saga, that’s true, but it still falls under the same chronological timeline that spans the three trilogies. The Acolyte, on the other hand, takes you to the High Republic era, where the so-called warriors of peace and justice were at the pinnacle of their strength and maintained a watchful eye over the galaxy far, far away.

Now, new set photos circulating on social media reveal that while The Acolyte will take a step away from the Skywalker family drama, the story is still very much about the Force and the everlasting struggle between the Jedi and the Sith, and one that delves into the perspective of the latter.

The Avatar crew indeed saw the “Papyrus” skit on SNL and obviously designed a proper font for the franchise

The “Papyrus” bit on SNL starring Ryan Gosling is one of the most hilarious skits the show has ever done, and it involves taking a jab at the highest-grossing movie of all time. The fact that the high-budget blockbuster clearly didn’t spend enough on graphic design and simply chose the Papyrus font for its logo has already been memed to death, and it seems that the crew of the sequel are all too aware of the expectations in that regard.

Recently, producer Jon Landau had a chat with Entertainment Weekly and revealed the measures they took to avoid controversy this time around. “When we realized that the movie was going to expand into a franchise and we’d have other IPs, we went out and created our own font that we’re now using, and we call it Toruk, and it’s available for people to use. But the Papyrus font is a fun thing, and I also love the fact that… it was certainly several years after the movie came out, and I guess it illustrated to people who were questioning Avatar‘s cultural relevance that it was still part of the culture,” he said.