Most Marvel Fans Say They’d Still See A Non-MCU Spider-Man Movie


No matter what happens over the next few months, it looks like the Spider-Man franchise is going to be just fine. Sony has assured everyone that they’ll thrive without Marvel, both Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon don’t seem to be worried about the future of the series and the recent re-release of Spider-Man: Far From Home is pulling in great numbers at the box office. On top of all that, a recent poll now shows that the majority of fans will still go see a movie featuring the web-head even if he’s no longer associated with the MCU.

Almost 13,000 Facebook users voted in a survey and 57% said that they’re planning on seeing the next Peter Parker film, regardless of which studio produces it. While Sony would definitely prefer this number be closer to 100%, the survey does at least prove that the visceral online reaction to the split with Marvel probably won’t affect the upcoming installments’ bottom line. This is a relatively small sample size compared to the millions of Spider-Man fans out there, sure, but it’s also substantial enough to show that the majority of people sound like they’re going to be loyal to the wall-crawler no matter what.

The news of the unexpected fallout last month was met with petitions, boycotts and hashtags from enraged zealots. A few people even proposed storming the corporation’s headquarters to show their displeasure. Thankfully, that talk seems to have died down.

Now, it looks like all of this outrage was just a passing trend. There are still plenty of people who aren’t happy that Peter Parker is out of the MCU, but cooler heads have prevailed and the protestors have started to settle down. Plus, if the poll is any indication, it looks like the Spider-Man franchise isn’t destined for financial failure any time soon. Whether the movies are actually any good from here on out though remains to be seen.