Spider-Man Star Jacob Batalon Weighs In On Sony’s Split With Disney


Ever since Sony and Marvel split up, outraged fans have been acting like it’s the end of the world. Petitions, boycotts, hashtags and more have all been implemented to urge the two sides to reconcile. The majority of moviegoers don’t have much confidence that the new group in charge can make a good Spider-Man movie, so this news has felt like the end of the world for those who love the web-head. Jacob Batalon, however, doesn’t fall into that category.

The actor who’s most known for his role as the lovable Ned Leeds in both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home was recently asked on Instagram about his thoughts on all of the drama surrounding the rights to the superhero. His answer was a simple “really not a big deal” followed by a shrugging emoji. Clearly, the guy who portrays Peter Parker’s best friend isn’t too worried about the fiasco.

Then again, neither is the actor who actually plays Spider-Man. Tom Holland has recently reaffirmed his belief that the franchise is in good hands with Sony. These comments come a week after he stated that the series is only going to get bigger and better. Clearly, the two notable stars associated with the character’s most recent blockbusters aren’t losing sleep over who makes these movies.

In fact, it sounds like Holland would rather not even discuss the ordeal. Aside from announcing that he’ll keep playing the wall-crawler, he’s been pretty mum on the matter. What he has said though has been mostly positive about both Sony and Marvel and if it were up to him, those on social media would just stop talking about it altogether.

Hopefully the two performers’ apathy towards the situation will give fans hope that Spider-Man isn’t in as much jeopardy as some are making him out to be. There’s still a chance that the two sides can work out a deal that keeps them both happy, too. For now, though, everyone should just take a page out of Batalon’s book and relax.