Marvel Reportedly Worried That Disney CEO Is Getting Too Involved In MCU Projects


Even the most powerful people in the industry have to answer to somebody at the end of the day, and for Kevin Feige that person is now Bob Chapek, new CEO of The Walt Disney Company. And given that it’s not the ideal time to be assuming control of one of the world’s biggest corporations when the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are still being felt, he’ll need to hit the ground running.

However, insider Daniel Richtman reports that Feige is getting concerned that Chapek is involving himself too heavily in the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s upcoming slate, even though he only officially became CEO at the end of February and has to oversee the entire empire that includes theme parks, consumer products, multiple film divisions including the live-action and animated outfits, Pixar, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Studios, not to mention other assets like Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN and so much more.

“Disney’s new CEO is getting too involved with stuff and [Kevin] Feige is worried,” says Richtman.

A recent deep dive report on the transition named Feige as the most essential of Disney’s major movie executives given his proven track record for success without oversight due to him building the MCU into what it is today after taking the reins of Marvel Studios at the age of just 33, so it’s unclear why a guy like Chapek, who comes from a financial and commercial background rather than an artistic or creative one, would be so keen to involve himself in the superhero machine.

Not only that, but Feige has already been his son’s boss for almost a decade, with Brian Chapek getting his start as a producer’s assistant on the Marvel One-Shots before ascending to his current position as a Director of Production and Development. It’s all change behind the scenes after the hugely expansive and lucrative Bob Iger era, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it ends up affecting the MCU, if it does at all.