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MCU enthusiasts hotly contest the 3 best non-superpowered heroes

It's a tough task, but the answer definitely isn't 'Iron Man 2' star Elon Musk.

Jimmy Woo

Not to state the blindingly obvious, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe was, is, and always will be a superhero franchise first and foremost, with larger-than-life heroes and scenery-chewing villains the ones who shift tickets and put butts in seats across the world.

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However, not every fan favorite needs to have enhanced abilities to make an impression, and part of what makes the MCU so unyieldingly popular is the attention to detail when it comes to building up secondary characters. People like Nick Fury, Happy Hogan, Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, and plenty of others have stuck around for years to pop up in various feature films (and latterly TV shows), capturing hearts in the process.

Encouraging debate, MCU enthusiasts over on Reddit have been hotly contesting the three finest non-superpowered MCU figures we’ve met in the 14 years of comic book shenanigans to date. As you’d expect, things have been getting equal parts heated and wholesome in the comments.

Randall Park’s Agent Woo is a regular name to come up, as is that of Ant-Man’s motor-mouthed associate Luis. Elden Henson’s Foggy Henson is another, which is being accepted as an answer given that Marvel itself recently appeared to finally welcome Netflix’s Daredevil into the canonical fold.

Of course, because this is the internet, Iron Man 2 guest star Elon Musk is another being thrown in for laughs, but it just goes to show the depth of the bench when it comes to regular MCU people that have hefty fanbases of their own.