Netflix Reportedly Eyeing Another MCU Star For Extraction 2


Avengers: Endgame may have drawn the Russo brothers’ time as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an end – for now, at least – but the duo seem to have struck up a rapport with the vast majority of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and can’t seem to stop casting them in other projects.

Their first post-Endgame outing saw them produce 21 Bridges alongside Chadwick Boseman, with the Black Panther star also playing the leading role, they’re re-teaming with Tom Holland for their next directorial effort Cherry, and Joe wrote the screenplay for Netflix’s latest smash hit Extraction, headlined by Chris Hemsworth.

The brutally-violent actioner has been drawing widespread praise, with first-time director Sam Hargrave marking himself out as a name to watch in the genre, and the deliberately ambiguous ending seemed to hint that there are more adventures in store for Tyler Rake, with a sequel reportedly already in development.

Given that they seem keen to continue working with actors they’re familiar with from the MCU, the Russos might be looking to call in a couple of favors when it comes to the planned follow-up, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us that the Guardians will cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder and that a She-Hulk show is coming to Disney Plus, both of which were correct – that Chris Evans is being eyed for a role in Extraction 2.

According to our intel, the Russo brothers and Netflix want the Captain America star in the sequel as another agent that works together with Hemsworth’s Rake to take down an evil dictator, presumably leaving a huge body count along the way. The internet would likely explode if two of the MCU’s Chrises appeared side-by-side in another movie, but if it fits into the story organically instead of being a gimmick, then it would definitely work. After all, we haven’t really seen Evans star in an R-rated action flick like Extraction before.

We’ve also been told that if they can’t get Evans, they’ll likely go for another MCU star, with Chris Pratt someone else they’re interested in as well. Either way, it sounds like Hemsworth will be getting some familiar company in the next film and we can’t wait to see who else joins him in the cast.