Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly Getting Her Own Netflix Action Franchise

Enola Holmes

It’s fair to say that Millie Bobby Brown has been good for Netflix, from her pivotal role in Stranger Things to the recent success of Enola Holmes. And now, we’re hearing via insider Daniel Richtman that the 16-year-old actress is reportedly getting a big first look deal with Netflix, which includes headlining her own action franchise for them. While details are still thin on the ground, it certainly seems clear that the streaming platform want to keep working with Brown as much as possible.

The actress is perhaps best known for her performance as El (Eleven) on Stranger Things, where over three seasons she’s gradually developed from being treated as a lab experiment to evolving into a powerful hero. She’s also picked up on her lost years of socialization, and in the most recent run, had formed a romantic relationship with Finn Wolfhard’s Mike.

Her performance as Eleven has won Brown much critical praise, including Emmy nominations and other awards. She’s also built up an impressive social media presence and become a model for various brands, as well as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. With this in mind, it’s easy to forget sometimes that she’s just 16, given her ubiquity in the last few years.

How an action-based series built around Millie Bobby Brown would shape up is still unclear, but she has proven herself to be able to handle the genre through both Stranger Things and the Godzilla movies. Meanwhile, her starring turn as Enola Holmes provided her with plenty of opportunities to show off her physical abilities, while she’s already lined up to battle a dragon in the feminist-themed fantasy Damsel, and star in thriller The Girls I’ve Been.

It does seem, though, that Holmes is one of the primary reasons why Netflix are apparently willing to invest in Brown’s future, with the original film breaking records for the streamer in 2020. We could definitely see her turning up as a spy or a superhero, and at this point, we’d be happy to watch anything that Millie Bobby Brown appears in.