Next MonsterVerse Movie Will Reportedly Reveal A Family Of Kongs

Godzilla vs. Kong

It didn’t take long for the MonsterVerse‘s gears to start turning after Godzilla vs. Kong became the highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster since Bad Boys for Life was released in January 2020, although the most surprising detail surrounding the new chapter that was recently announced to be in development was Adam Wingard’s involvement.

After all, the filmmaker has a pretty busy schedule with Face/Off 2 currently in the scripting stage, while he’s also set to realize a lifelong dream by helming a ThunderCats movie, so it could be a long time before we see Warner Bros. and Legendary’s next big budget creature feature. Son of Kong has been rumored as a potential title, though, and it would certainly be hilarious if it was to model itself directly after the 1933 original, which runs for under 70 minutes and sees the albino title character killed by drowning less than ten minutes after he first appears.

Of course, plot details still remain hard to come by, but we’ve heard from our sources this week – the same ones who told us Jared Leto’s Joker was getting a brand new look in Zack Snyder’s Justice League long before it was confirmed – that the next installment in the MonsterVerse will feature multiple Kongs. Of course, it’s been established in canon that he’s the last of his species, but it’s said that they’ll discover that there are more of them alive and there are a couple of ways this could go.

One would be to venture back into the Hollow Earth, something Wingard is keen to do and the ancient subterranean ecosystem evidently used to have more than a few giant apes dwelling in its deepest recesses. In any case, there’s far too much money on the table to let the MonsterVerse go to waste, whether that’s with one hulking primate at the forefront or a whole bunch of them.