2014’s Godzilla Getting 4K Ultra HD Release This March


Gareth Edwards still hasn’t signed on to direct another feature since his time at the helm of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story saw him essentially replaced by Tony Gilroy under studio orders for the extensive reshoots, while he was reportedly locked out of the editing process as well, with Disney and Lucasfilm keen to refit the project as a more standard blockbuster as opposed to the boots on the grounds war film Edwards had touted it to be.

Of course, the 45 year-old experienced a meteoric rise in the industry, all thanks to breakout movie Monsters. The thought-provoking sci-fi drama was made for just $500,000 with Edwards serving as writer, director, production designer and director of photography, while he created all of the visual effects himself from the comfort of his bedroom.

It was an impressive calling card, one that led to him making the jump to Legendary and Warner Bros.’ $160 million Godzilla reboot. The first installment in the MonsterVerse made close to $530 million at the box office and received largely positive reviews, although some fans were less than enthusiastic over how little screen time the title character ended up getting, not to mention Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s painfully bland lead Ford Brody.

However, Godzilla can’t be faulted from a visual standpoint, with Edwards making a seamless transition from low budget sci-fi to franchise material, and presumably to coincide with the upcoming arrival of Godzilla vs. Kong, it’s now been announced that the MonsterVerse’s opening chapter is getting a 4K Ultra HD release on March 23rd with some brand new bonus features, which include:

  • “Operation: Lucky Dragon”
  • “Monarch: The M.U.T.O. File”
  • “The Godzilla Revelation”
  • “Godzilla: Force of Nature”
  •  And more

The movie has been proving hugely popular on Netflix as the hype continues to build towards the clash of the Titans, and a new home video release is surely something that a lot of fans will be happy to shell out for.