Netflix Subscribers Rejoice Over New Feature That Was Just Added


Netflix is the most popular streaming platform around, and it’s easy to see why. After all, it’s filled to the brim with classic films we all love, critically-acclaimed original programming and an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes using the service a breeze. Sorting through content is a simple affair in almost every case, and specific movies or shows can be found nearly instantly with a handy search function. You can even delete your viewing history fairly easily if you know what you’re doing.

Despite how easy it is to understand most of Netflix’s functionality though, there are still some occasionally annoying features that not every subscriber appreciates. One irritating addition can be the “Continue Watching” list, especially if you’re the kind to just casually check out new content from time to time. While it’s nice to quickly resume things you actually want to keep viewing, wouldn’t it be nice to purge the stuff you only put a few minutes of time into?

Thankfully, Netflix has finally answered that call. A new feature has been added to the service that will allow users to remove any unwanted films and shows from their “Continue Watching” list, and it only takes a moment to handle. To remove something, you simply click on it and select “Remove from row.” Yes, it’s really that simple, and so far, subscribers seem to be really appreciating the new feature.

So, with that out of the way, you can now head through here to see what’s releasing on Netflix throughout the rest of this month. And if you aren’t a fan of some of it, now you know how to quickly be done with it for good.

But tell us, did you know about this new Netflix feature? And have you been using it? Sound off down below and let us know.