Netflix Reportedly Offering Henry Cavill New Superhero Role

Henry Cavill

Is Henry Cavill done as Superman? That’s the big question on every DC fan’s lips right now, following the news that Warner Bros. is moving forward with a Man of Steel reboot. That doesn’t necessarily preclude more from Cavill’s Ka-El, but reports are pointing to things becoming strained between the star and the studio. Even if he is finished with the DCEU, though, the British actor could continue on in the genre elsewhere, it seems.

According to scooper Daniel Richtman, Netflix is talking with Cavill about him potentially playing a new superhero role for them. That’s all that Richtman has to share at this stage, so we’ll file this away as a rumor for the moment, but it’s pretty plausible for a number of reasons. For one, Netflix has been getting into the superhero game more and more lately. Over the past month, they’ve released both superpowered comedy Thunder Force and comic book show Jupiter’s Legacy.

DC adaptation Sweet Tooth is also on the way, with 2020 delivering Jamie Foxx vehicle Project Power. Netflix is both generating its own original superhero stories, then, as well as mining the comic book world for content. This is something that’s only going to continue, too, so it adds up that they might be courting Cavill to star in one of these projects for them. Especially as he’s become one of their go-to talents.

Indeed, while his relationship with WB might be on the wane, the Justice League star appears to be in a very happy partnership with the streamer. Firstly, he’s just completed work on The Witcher season 2 and has signed up to reprise his turn as Sherlock in an Enola Holmes sequel. Locking him down for some kind of superhero-based production probably wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the streaming giant, then.

This is in addition to reports indicating that Marvel is eyeing him up, too. All the signs are pointing to Henry Cavill donning a cape in the future, it seems, even if it’s not Superman’s.