Netflix Reportedly Talking With Zack Snyder About 4 More Projects

Army of the Dead

If you count the entire Justice League saga as one very long and protracted production, then Zack Snyder spent over five years from start to finish working on the project, even if he got to develop and shoot Netflix‘s Army of the Dead in between the release of the DCEU blockbuster’s theatrical edition and HBO Max’s four-hour version.

Based on nothing but the worldbuilding seen in his movies, Snyder is clearly a man with a lot of ideas, so he’s no doubt come up with more than a few pitches and/or concepts during that time. In fact, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the deposed Warner Bros. favorite is talking with Netflix about four additional films, one of which is the King Arthur retelling he mentioned several months ago.

As for what the other three could be? We can only speculate, but looking at Snyder’s comments over the years we can come up with a decent list of candidates. He’s long talked about adapting Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead but admitted that the political climate isn’t ideal to make it a reality, while he also revealed that he might rework his Seven Samurai inspired Star Wars spinoff into an original sci-fi.

He’s already intimated that drama Horse Latitudes will be his next directorial effort, that much we know. But as of yet, the story of two men inspired by a photograph to travel to South America hasn’t found a home, though Netflix would likely be at the front of the queue. Of course, it could always be something else entirely, but for the first time in a long time, Snyder has free rein to do what he wants without WB looking over his shoulder.