Those New Avengers 4 White Suit Leaks Are Probably Fake


So long as Marvel Studios are keeping quiet about the details of next year’s Avengers 4, fans will find it tempting to get fired up over every leaked image that finds its way online. But while this latest batch of merchandise artwork certainly slots in reasonably well with what we know and think we know about next year’s release, the pics also contain plenty of red flags to suggest that they’re little more than the work of a fan who’s been paying attention to the recent speculation.

The set of suits displayed in these images seem heavily modeled on another leaked pic that emerged last month, but with some key differences. For one thing, this latest batch gives off some major amateur vibes in its Photoshopping, with the heads of our heroes crudely pasted onto each of the outfits. With this in mind, the Ant-Man and Iron Man designs seem particularly suspicious, with their helmets failing to receive the same update as the rest of their armor.

Moreover, while these suits do look rather similar to the previously leaked getups, you can still see some dubious inconsistencies that become very apparent when you put Thor’s two different white armor designs side-by-side.

Still, though these latest leaks are probably fake, it’s easy to see why they’ve had so many fans fooled, especially since the previous Thor and Rocket promo art is still looking pretty plausible. Whoever designed these newer versions was likely well aware of the current speculation that the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel will see a journey into the Quantum Realm.

In fact, even notoriously tight-lipped producer Kevin Feige teased recently that there are further adventures to be had in this mysterious place, so perhaps the team could be suiting up in some shiny new outfits after all when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.