New Marvel Company Filing May Be Hinting At Wonder Man

Wonder Man

Prepare to put on your tinfoil hat, because we’re about to do some digging. Whenever a new project enters active development, an LLC needs to be founded so that all of the paperwork and such is above board. While that’s hardly earth-shattering news, some online sleuths have regularly used the filings to discover what projects Marvel Studios are cooking up well ahead of time.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was announced to be in pre-production long after Infinity Productions III was established, while Loki‘s renewal was foreshadowed by Limbo Productions filing for multiple seasons of television. LLCs have additionally revealed the status of Secret Invasion, Ironheart and Echo at various points, with the latest generating speculation that we may end up seeing Wonder Man in live-action.

Wonder Man

Of course, Nathan Fillion was cast in the role for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but his super meta cameo was largely dropped. However, some new information from The Ronin has uncovered and confirmed that Ionic Productions was launched by Marvel Studios, and Simon Williams happened to acquire his superpowers through ionic radiation.

WandaVision‘s lead writer Jac Schaeffer signed an exclusive development deal with Marvel earlier this year, and she was spotted with a Wonder Man poster hanging in the background of her office in what may or may not be a coincidence. The character has plenty of history on the printed page with with Disney Plus favorites Zemo and Scarlet Witch; while it’s certainly tenuous, that doesn’t mean it can be completely discounted, either.