New Suicide Squad Concept Art Shows Off Alternate Costumes

Thanks to the release of its Extended Cut on Digital HD, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has found itself thrust back into the spotlight, with the film occupying headlines revolving around newly discovered Easter Eggs, opinions on the longer version of Task Force X’s adventure and whether or not it really deserved the panning it got from critics. Of course, that Harley Quinn spinoff keeps popping up as well.

Tonight, we have yet another piece of news concerning the divisive comic book movie, and it comes in the form of some concept art. Debuted by Batman-News, the images in the gallery above show off all of the main characters, with each one sporting alternate costumes that ultimately weren’t used in the film. Some are pretty faithful to the comics, while others are a bit more imaginative and original. They won’t do anything to sway your opinion on Suicide Squad one way or the other, but it’s still a nice look at what could have been.

Speaking of what could have been, it’s certainly upsetting that the DC Extended Universe has been misfiring as of late, what with both Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice failing to live up to expectations. Hopes are high for Wonder Woman then to throw things back on course, but with the film not arriving until the summer, it’s still too early to know for sure whether or not it’ll do the trick. The recent trailer impressed though and Gal Gadot is an absolute knockout in the role, or so it seems from what we’ve seen of her up to this point – which hasn’t been much, mind you.

But I digress. The gallery above is well worth a look through if you have any interest at all in Task Force X and the colorful characters that the group’s made up of. The plot might have been a bit of a mess, and the villain severely underwhelming, but folks like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang and more made for some genuinely enjoyable moments throughout the film. As such, it’s nice to see some alternate costumes for them and we’re happy that we’re still getting goodies like this even so long after the movie’s initial release in theatres.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is now on Digital HD and will be arriving on Blu-ray next month. Tell us, do you intend on giving it another chance, or have you already passed your final judgement on it? Sound off down below and let us know!