New Suicide Squad Featurette Focuses On “Bringing Harley To Life”


With the Blu-Ray release of Suicide Squad Extended Cut being less than two weeks away, Warner Bros. isn’t slowing down the hype train in the slightest as they continue to roll out new videos to whet our appetites.

The latest offering is focused squarely on arguably the most popular character in all of pop culture in 2016, Harley Quinn, who was played to devilish perfection by the one and only Margot Robbie. In it, she, along with director David Ayer and DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns, discuss the challenge of bringing this iconic villain – now an anti-hero in the comics – to life.

Something interesting to see in this featurette is the showcasing of some of the various looks Harley has adopted over the past 24 years. Although many diehard fans will accept nothing but her classic jester look – which was seen briefly in the film – it’s important to remember that characters evolve over time, costumes and hair color included. What’s paramount is that Harley Quinn is still Harley Quinn, and that’s what allowed Robbie’s interpretation of her to be embraced by many, although the movie itself ultimately proved divisive. Still, that didn’t stop all those involved from laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s also admirable to see just how much the actress immersed herself in the source material and fell in love with the character, something evidenced near the end of the clip. This no doubt led her to producing the upcoming Harley Quinn spinoff film set to costar the Birds of Prey, which is now one of my most anticipated comic book movies.

Suicide Squad is currently available on Digital HD, with Blu-Ray and DVD releases set to follow on December 13. In related news, Jai Courtney recently opened up to us about the possibility of a sequel, and you can see what he had to say by clicking here.