Power Rangers Reboot Reportedly Has Female Lead, LGBT Representation

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

The last attempt at rebooting the Power Rangers for the big screen might not have ended so well, with Saban’s effort underwhelming at the box office despite the studio saying that they were planning on making at least five movies, but that hasn’t stopped new owners Hasbro from launching another attempt already.

Having made a lot more through merchandise sales than it did in theaters, the brand clearly still has a huge amount of earning potential, and the upcoming reboot will reportedly also look to cash in on the lucrative nostalgia market by exploring multiple timelines throughout the history of Power Rangers by adding in a time-travel element.

There’s already been plenty of rumors doing the rounds about who or what the story could feature, and now a new report has offered up some details, many of which match up with what We Got This Covered has been telling you over the last few months. According to The Illuminerdi, the lineup of the team will consist of entirely new characters created specifically for the movie, which will include a female lead and LGBT representation, as we previously revealed.

Lord Zedd is also said to be the villain in the most recent version of the script, with the time-travel aspect incorporating multiple different iterations of Power Rangers that have been seen in the TV show over the years. Which, once again, is something we’ve also heard from our sources. Meanwhile, New Zealand has been named as a possible shooting location.

“[The film] will feature multiple different looks and Zords throughout Ranger history. This could possibly include a variety of suits and Zords from MMPR, all the way to the modern era. We assume this is Hasbro’s attempt to capitalize on toy sales for the movie,” says The Illuminerdi.

The decision to use as many recognizable costumes and Zords as possible is a smart move on Hasbro’s part to appeal to both longtime fans of the franchise and, like The Illuminerdi mentions, create almost limitless marketing and merchandising possibilities. Let’s just hope that the quality of the next Power Rangers movie is better than the last and doesn’t end up falling at the first hurdle again.