Power Rangers Reboot Villain Has Reportedly Been Revealed

Power Rangers

It was officially announced last December that Paramount was working on a Power Rangers reboot, separate from the one Lionsgate made in 2017. We were told at the time that Jonathan Entwistle (The End of the F—ing World) was attached to direct, with the story said to involve a Back to the Future-like scenario about modern-day Rangers getting stuck in the past. Specifically, the 1990s. That’s all that’s been confirmed so far, but further reports have now provided more insight.

The Illuminerdi has shared a glut of information on the movie, including who the villain of the reboot will be. It’s said that Lord Zedd will be terrorizing the mighty morphin teens this time around, which is exciting news for fans, as Zedd is one of the most popular antagonists in PR history. He’s also the natural choice for the film. 2017’s effort featured Rita Repulsa, the big bad of MMPR season 1, so of course the next reboot will include Zedd, who replaced her in MMPR season 2.

The rest of the Illuminerdi’s report corroborates much of what we’ve been reporting from our own sources lately as well, including that the studio wants a hugely diverse group of leads for the movie, which we told you back in March. The outlet also claims that Paramount’s reboot will share continuity with the TV universe, which is something we likewise revealed a few months ago, as we’ve heard the original MMPR team could return.

As for what this means for Zedd, well, it tells us that the film’s version will be the same one from the TV series and not a reimagining of him. Though you would expect him to get some sort of cinematic revamp to make use of the bigger budget. Plus, don’t expect original voice actor Robert Axelrod to return, as he sadly passed away last year.

Tell us, though, do you think Paramount’s Power Rangers movie could be morphinomenal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.