Ray Fisher Reportedly Furious At WB’s Low Offer To Return As Cyborg In The Flash

Image via DC Films

With his entire filmography since Justice League wrapped consisting of eight episodes of True Detective and nothing else, you might think that Ray Fisher would jump at the opportunity to play Cyborg in The Flash in an attempt to reignite his career. However, despite the actor still being in talks over a return as Victor Stone, his involvement has become overshadowed by a very public battle against his paymasters.

The back and forth between star and studio has been getting increasingly messy in recent weeks, and the public have very much sided with the 32 year-old in his repeated attempts to have Warner Bros. accept responsibility and show accountability for the way he and his Justice League co-stars were treated during reshoots by Joss Whedon, claims that have since been backed up by Jason Momoa.

Of course, WB denied his misconduct allegations after launching their own investigation before saying that Fisher failed to cooperate, something he’s strongly denied. He even went as far to reveal his belief that Ben Affleck’s return for The Flash being announced on the very same day he fired back against the studio was far from a coincidence.

During The Flash‘s six years stuck in development hell, Cyborg has always been part of the story, and Fisher remains in negotiations despite the storm of controversy continuing to swirl around his last appearance in the DCEU. However, a new report claims that he’s not happy about the financial terms being offered, not to mention a drastic reduction in screentime that would amount to little more than a cameo.

While the story has yet to be officially verified, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Warner Bros. are deliberately low balling Fisher in the hopes that he’ll turn them down and thus won’t be brought back for The Flash. Regardless, based on recent developments, the actor looks set to keep sticking to his guns and fighting the good fight for while yet.