Rob Zombie And 3 From Hell Cast Send Well Wishes To Sid Haig

3 From Hell

Unfortunately, this week’s long-awaited 3 From Hell premiere was overshadowed with concern for Sid Haig. One of the franchise’s stars was noticeably absent from the event as he continues to recover from a recent accident that landed him in the ICU. Though he is said to be in better condition now after a recent update from his wife explained what had happened.

Still, director Rob Zombie and the rest of the actor’s coworkers all made sure to wish him a speedy recovery on the red carpet, with the filmmaker and his stars commenting as so:

“Sid once told me that everyone in his family lives a really long time, so I’m holding him to that,” Zombie said.

“We’re all wishing Sid well,” Jeff Daniel Phillips, who plays Warden Virgil Dallas Harper in the movie, added. “It’s too bad that he couldn’t be here tonight because he’s really the anchor for this whole series. He’s a treasure, and we’re all so appreciative that he was involved in this from the get-go. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Sid.”

“I love Sid so much,” Dee Wallace, who frequently collaborates with Zombie, said. “We’ve been buddies forever, and I’m holding him in my heart. I just know that he’s going to be fine.”

“He’s doing better from what I’ve heard.” Bill Moseley, who portrays Otis B. Driftwood, added. “I just know from his Instagram account that his wife says he’s days away from getting out of the ICU.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like Haig’s health has been on the decline for a little while now. Prior to this latest mishap, he’d undergone surgery that left him in pretty rough shape. In fact, Zombie was so worried by the actor’s physical condition that he decided to alter the series mainstay’s primary role in the movie to a much more diminished one, meaning the threequel has far less of Sid Haig than we thought it would. Hopefully though, Haig will soon make a full recovery and be back to horrifying audiences in no time at all.

As for 3 From Hell, it will be in theaters for one more night tonight before becoming available on Blu-Ray next month, on October 15th. And for our very own verdict on Zombie’s threequel, be sure to check out Matt Donato’s review.