Avengers: Endgame Directors May Helm Young Luke Skywalker Star Wars Movie

Return of the Jedi

For some reason, even though the expanded Star Wars universe presents infinite opportunities to introduce characters and visit galaxies we’ve never seen before, Disney and Lucasfilm seem to be adamant that everything connects to George Lucas’ Original Trilogy in some fashion.

The Force Awakens was criticized by many for sticking too close to the template established in A New Hope, while The Rise of Skywalker doubled down on fan service as a direct result of Rian Johnson taking liberties with the mythology in The Last Jedi. Solo may have found a new lease of life as a fan favorite after initially bombing at the box office, but Han’s origin story still remains entirely unnecessary.

With the likes of Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi now circling the sci-fi series, there’s renewed hope that any new Star Wars movies will stand on their own merits and bring something fresh to the stagnating brand, following The Mandalorian’s lead in telling entirely new stories set against a familiar backdrop. However, we’ve now heard that the studio are interested in hiring more Marvel Cinematic Universe alumni to dive into a galaxy far, far away, and they’re reportedly being eyed for a Luke Skywalker spinoff.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Ahsoka Tano would be making her live-action debut in The Mandalorian and [SPOILERS] would turn out to be a traitor in The Rise of Skywalker – Disney and Lucasfilm want the Russo brothers to direct a movie that would follow Luke at some stage during the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and show how he ultimately turned his back on the Force and went into exile.

Having directed two of the studio’s three highest-grossing movies ever and recently boarded the live-action Hercules remake, it appears as though the Mouse House are keen to retain Joe and Anthony’s services, but there are a thousand better ideas for a new Star Wars movie than focusing on Luke Skywalker. Not only does it show a startling lack of originality, but it would likely only cause more backlash from fans that are crying out for something new instead of seeing the franchise return to the well over and over again.