Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Reportedly In Talks For DC Return


2011’s Green Lantern movie may have stunk, no doubt about it, but Ryan Reynolds likely doesn’t regret signing on for the project as it was how he met his wife Blake Lively, who played Carol Ferris opposite his Hal Jordan in the DC flick. Of course, these days, Reynolds’ star level is so huge that there’s increasing chatter that he could actually return to the DCEU as the Emerald Knight, but maybe there’s also room for Lively to make a comeback alongside him.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, the couple have been in talks with Warner Bros. about both of them joining some unknown upcoming DC project(s). That’s all the tipster could share, though, so this may mean that the pair will be reprising their Green Lantern roles or maybe they’ll pop up as completely different characters somewhere else.

Right now, we can’t say for sure either way, but let’s speculate for a moment on how they might fit into WB’s plans for the DCEU. Of course, The Flash springs to mind first, given that it’ll feature cameos from various familiar faces from across the DC multiverse. Maybe Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster encounters Hal and Carol, just as he’ll bump into Michael Keaton’s Batman and likely a ton of others, too.


Alternatively, perhaps WB wants to work with the couple but without reminding folks of how badly they messed up with Green Lantern. In which case, Reynolds and Lively could be up for parts in separate projects as fresh characters. There’s bound to be another superhero in the DC library that Reynolds is well suited for – Booster Gold, anyone? – and the same goes for Lively. After all, fans wanted her as Black Canary for a while there.

Do you want to see Blake Lively return to the DC universe alongside husband Ryan Reynolds, though? And who should the couple play? Sound off in the comments section.