Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Inserts Himself Into Hugh Jackman’s Photo

Ryan Reynolds

The long-running feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman never, ever fails to entertain and if it one day leads to the two A-list stars putting their differences to one side and teaming up for a Face/Off remake, then long may it continue. Obviously, they’re pretty good friends in real life, but you can’t deny that there’s just something so amusing about seeing them going at one another in increasingly humorous ways.

Be it making fun of each other’s moviesmaking jokes about earning the title of Sexiest Man Alive or just some good old-fashioned digs here and there, the frequent truces never last too long and sure enough, they’re now up to their old tricks once again. And this time, it’s the Deadpool star starting the trouble.

You see, Jackman recently shared a photo of himself in New York – a totally and entirely innocent act. But Reynolds just had to get involved and hilariously inserted his own face onto the billboard that’s seen in the background. Of course, Hugh saw the post and replied, and you can check out the whole thing for yourself in the gallery down below. While you’re at it, see if you can spot Ryan’s little dig at Jackman’s most famous role, too.

As you might’ve seen, it’s not only the billboard that the Canadian star edited. He also added a little caption onto the photo, reading “Art: @Mutant101,” clearly referencing his buddy’s time playing X-Men leader Wolverine for so many years.

The duo’s latest social media trolling war ends there, but you can be sure that they’ll be back at it again in the not too distant future. And given that the world is a pretty gloomy and depressing place right now, we’re certainly looking forward to having Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman continue to amuse us with their silly antics.