Ryan Reynolds Has Reportedly Signed A Huge Deal With Marvel Studios

Ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may have been holding meetings with Kevin Feige over Deadpool’s future as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as early as December 2019, but it likely took a while for him to sign an official contract with the studio. After all, while he was the main creative driving force behind the Fox franchise as leading man, producer and co-writer, everyone knows that Feige calls the shots when it comes to his shared universe and the beloved star won’t get the same level of control that he’s used to.

Not only that, but typically, actors aren’t signed on until after work begins on the script, and with the Molyneux sisters only hired to begin drafting Deadpool 3 a couple of months ago, not to mention Reynolds being incredibly busy with a jam-packed upcoming slate of his own, it looks as though the Merc with a Mouth’s return could be a good few years away yet.

The 44 year-old Reynolds is already older at this stage than Robert Downey Jr. was the first time he suited up as Iron Man, and based on the fact that Deadpool 3 has been in development for thirteen months and the writing process only started in November, the star may be creeping up on 50 by the time Wade Wilson’s next irreverent, fourth wall-breaking adventure hits the big screen.

Still, insider Daniel Richtman claimed several months ago that Marvel wanted to sign the actor to the biggest deal in their history, but he didn’t specify at the time whether it was in terms of financial compensation or onscreen appearances. The tipster has now reported, though, that the gin magnate and soccer team owner has put pen to paper and officially signed on. Unfortunately, he doesn’t share specifics and only calls it a “huge deal,” but clearly, this is good news for fans.

Of course, Richtman’s original intel has yet to be corroborated by any other outlets or official channels, but with Deadpool 3 beginning to heat up now, you’d imagine that Ryan Reynolds and the other major talents who are involved will all be in the process of inking contracts and securing their future with the studio.