Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Deadpool To Cameo In Other Disney Projects


Disney owns some of the biggest brands in the industry, a list that includes the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, Alien, Predator, Die Hard and dozens upon dozens more. Many of those aforementioned properties are known for their crossovers, but so far the Mouse House has preferred to keep things separate.

Ralph Breaks the Internet was a notable exception that featured all sorts of pop culture references and surprise cameos, while there’s countless theories out there that offer detailed analysis on why every single Pixar movie exists in the same narrative space. Easter Eggs are one thing, but full-blown crossovers are an entirely different beast that are very difficult to get approval for, as the team behind Marvel’s What If…? discovered when they pitched Luke Skywalker and the Rocketeer showing up in the MCU’s animated series.

Ryan Reynolds revealed that he’s already been shot down after proposing a short film that would’ve seen Deadpool interview the hunter who shot Bambi’s mother, but we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Riri Williams would debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever long before it was confirmed – that the actor isn’t planning on giving up the ghost quite yet.

While there’s every chance Disney are just going to keep saying no, it’d be hilarious if any feature films or streaming exclusives featured something as simple yet obvious of Deadpool hiding in the background of a single frame. Looking at how the company treats IP, it’s a long shot to say the least, but it’s also not completely outside the realms of believability.