Watch: Samuel L. Jackson Tells Fans To Self-Isolate With Hilarious F-Bomb Video

nick fury

Samuel L. Jackson – known best in recent years as Nick Fury in the MCU – has joined a growing list of high-profile celebrities taking to social media to bring some humor and entertainment to fans in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The actor, famous for his liberal use of F-bombs in conversation, took to Twitter in a Culture Crave video to read a poem telling everyone to, you guessed it, “stay the f*ck at home.” You can check the tweet out below:

Arnold Schwarzenegger has piped up online a few times, too, asking everyone to practice social distancing and imploring spring breakers to avoid mass gatherings this year as the virus continues its rapid spread across the globe. Meanwhile, Star Trek actor William Shatner has used his time in self-quarantine to post some parodies of his captain logs from the original show, and Ryan Reynolds has made use of his famous sarcasm to humorously point out that the real heroes of this outbreak will always be the healthcare workers and not celebrities.

COVID-19 has now infected over 920,000 people worldwide and is responsible for nearly 50,000 deaths. The U.S., meanwhile, is serving as the epicenter with 210,000 cases. As the outbreak only continues to get worse, governments around the globe have enforced travel and social bans in an attempt to flatten the curve and ease the stress on overcrowded hospitals desperately fighting to maintain supplies.

It’s only going to get worse before it gets better, too. That said, follow the sage advice of Samuel L. Jackson by staying the f*ck at home, keeping your hands washed, and binging The Office like the rest of us. And as always, stay tuned here for more as the situation continues to unfold in the coming weeks and months.