Tom Holland’s Spider-Man May Cameo In Marvel’s X-Men Reboot


Marvel fans were ecstatic – and understandably so – when Spider-Man was announced to be sticking around the MCU for a while yet as Sony and Disney had managed to work out a new deal. Now, Spider-Man 3 will be a Marvel Cinematic Universe film when it releases in 2021 and Tom Holland’s wall-crawler will feature in another as yet unknown MCU movie after that as well.

Once those two projects are done with, though, Spidey could return to Sony’s care full-time. However, We Got This Covered is hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Jonah Hill was boarding The Batman and that Marvel was bringing us a Ms. Marvel show – that there’s a good chance that yet another deal will be made at some point in 2022. And if it is, then this would allow Holland to continue on in MCU films.

In fact, we’re told that Marvel already has some plans for where they’d like him to show up next following Spider-Man 3 and that other TBD project (which is apparently the New Avengers movie). Along with some sort of team-up film for Peter Parker and Deadpool, and also a rumored Wolverine/Spider-Man team-up, we’re told that the studio would like Spidey to cameo in their X-Men reboot.

Of course, the key phrase here is “would like,” as this isn’t set in stone at the moment and depends on not only a new deal with Sony being made after this current one, but also if Sony will even allow it. From what we understand, things are pretty up in the air right now regarding how Spider-Man will play into future MCU movies beyond the two he’s currently set to appear in but again, one place that Marvel would like for him to appear is in the X-Men reboot.

Given that we’re told they want him to cameo, it doesn’t sound like he’d have a very big role, but how exactly he’d be involved and which mutants he’d cross paths with remains unclear. Still, it’s an exciting prospect to think about and as soon as we learn more about Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man following his next two appearances, we’ll be sure to let you know.