[SPOILERS] Will Reportedly Lift Mjolnir In The MCU In Phase 5

Thor 4

For the longest time it appeared as though nobody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was worthy of wielding Mjolnir apart from Thor himself, but based on recent events it looks as though we aren’t too far away from seeing just about anyone swinging around the God of Thunder’s signature weapon with reckless abandon.

After Vision accidentally proved himself as the most worthy of the Avengers just moments after being brought to life in Age of Ultron, we saw Captain America using Mjolnir to take on Thanos in one of Endgame’s most crowd-pleasing moments, while the upcoming Love and Thunder will inevitably see Jane Foster demonstrate her capabilities as the franchise’s latest purveyor of hammer time.

However, we’ve now heard that another of the MCU’s marquee superheroes is also set to prove themselves as worthy during Phase Five, and no doubt the trolls aren’t going to be happy about it. According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us the Guardians of the Galaxy will cameo in Love and Thunder before Vin Diesel confirmed it, and that She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were in the works for Disney Plus before either was officially announced – Captain Marvel 2 will see Carol Danvers become capable of throwing down with Mjolnir.

While we don’t have any specifics on how it’ll happen just yet, after being established as the MCU’s full-time defender of Asgard in Love and Thunder, Jane Foster is said to cross paths with Captain Marvel in her second solo adventure, which will reportedly culminate in the latter reaffirming her status as one of the universe’s most worthy and powerful heroes, hugely impressing the new Thor in the process.

There have already been rumors that Captain Marvel could appear in Thor: Love and Thunder to tease a romance with Valkyrie, and there’s no reason why the MCU‘s cosmic heroes wouldn’t cross over on a regular basis given the rapid expansion of the intergalactic side of the franchise.

Then again, the argument could be made that Carol Danvers doesn’t exactly require the use of an enchanted hammer in order to get the job done given that she’s already been positioned as one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, but if she wants to take over as the leader of the Avengers, then she’ll certainly need to earn that right.