The Strangers: Prey At Night Blu-Ray Includes Alternate Ending And Unrated Version


In the light of John Krasinski’s masterful fright flick, A Quiet Place, it’s easy to see how a horror of such an inferior calibre like The Strangers: Prey at Night can get lost in the shadow. A sequel to the 2008 cult classic The Strangers, directed by Bryan Bertino, the Johannes Roberts-helmed follow-up is much of the same, just nowhere near as effective.

Prey at Night is supposedly “based on real events” surrounding a family that’s attacked on their vacation by a trio of masked psychopaths, Dollface, Pin-Up Girl and Man in the Mask. While the film was able to maintain a score similar to that of its predecessor on Rotten Tomatoes, it failed to generate the traction which led to Bertino’s thriller being granted cult status.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will try to reverse the fortunes of the sequel though with exclusive bonus content, including a never before seen alternate ending, and an unrated version, when the horror pic arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on June 12th, 2018, and Digital three weeks earlier, on May 22nd.

The Strangers: Prey at Night has earned roughly $24 million domestically since being released on March 9th earlier this year, turning a nice little profit on its $5 million budget. Still, the follow-up severely underperformed when compared to its predecessor, which earned nearly $53 million during its domestic run in 2008 on a $9 million budget.

There’s been no word yet as to whether or not there’s a future beyond the Bertino-written sequel for Dollface, Pin-Up Girl and Man in the Mask, but rest assured that if there’s money to be made, we haven’t seen the last of these haphazard murderers.

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