Suicide Squad Blooper Reel Shows Off Task Force X’s Chemistry


Thanks to the release of its Extended Cut, which arguably doesn’t add a whole lot more to the film, Suicide Squad has found itself making headlines again. Whether it be The Joker’s many deleted scenes, intriguing concept art of alternate costumes (which you can see below), or even Easter eggs that fans failed to find the first time around, it seems like Task Force X is the talk of the town these days.

Wonder Woman may be the next film on DC’s upcoming slate, especially after that stunning trailer, but make no mistake about it, Suicide Squad is still very much on our minds. And, as the studio continues to develop their Harley Quinn spinoff, it seems that more and more from David Ayer’s effort keeps pouring out onto the web.

The latest goodie comes in the form of a blooper reel taken from the Digital HD release of the Extended Cut. Blurry and certainly not the best quality, it shows off what went on during shooting and gives us a good look at just how much fun these actors had while making the DC Comics adaptation. If nothing else, it emphasizes the camaraderie and chemistry they all shared, something which certainly came through in the final product.

After all, though Suicide Squad was far from the best comic book film of the year, it did have its bright spots, and this colorful cast was certainly one of them. Are they enough to earn Task Force X another outing? Perhaps, but with the aforementioned Wonder Woman coming up soon followed by Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a sequel for the “Worst Heroes Ever” is probably the last thing on Warner Bros.’ mind right now, as they’re no doubt focused on the two aforementioned flicks.

However, something tells us that we haven’t seen the last of Deadshot, Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, etc. just yet and as we wait for more updates from the studio on what they decide to do next, we’ll continue to enjoy these little Suicide Squad goodies that keep coming our way.