Taika Waititi is making no secret of the fact he wants Valkyrie and Korg spinoffs

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
Image via Marvel Studios

With the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, the God of Thunder is now the only Avenger to have four solo movies to their name. The Thor-verse is still going strong after all these years, then, so you can bet that Marvel has plans to expand the Asgardian corner of the franchise some more in the near future. And doing so with some more Disney Plus shows seems like the logical next step.

Well, if any are in the offing then director Taika Waititi isn’t playing coy about it. While speaking to Fandom’s Eric Goldberg, the Oscar-winning filmmaker admitted that he would love for two characters he’s introduced into the mix to get their own TV series. “I’d love to see a Valkyrie spinoff,” Waititi revealed. “A Korg spinoff would be good as well.”

It’s hardly surprising that Waititi wants a Korg show, given that this would keep him employed, but it’s such an obvious idea to give the Kronan his own vehicle that it’s surprising we haven’t already had that announcement. Fans would stream the heck out of something starring Korg, even if it was just Waititi riffing and improvising while the character sat on a couch for 40 minutes each week.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot to explore with Valkyrie’s character that makes her another perfect candidate to get the Loki treatment. A spinoff could follow her during the heyday of the Valkyries in ancient times or else reveal what she got up to during her stint on Sakaar. Then again, it might explore her reign as king of New Asgard. Seriously, Marvel, take your pick.

It’s possible that the hold-up with such projects is down to Waititi, who’s become the custodian of the Thor franchise, being too busy to work on them — and he is incredibly busy these days. Fingers crossed we get some news on what’s next for the God of Thunder and his friends once Thor: Love and Thunder, hitting theaters this July 8, has been and gone.