Thanos Co-Creator Teases Eternals Cameo For The Mad Titan


Clearly, being killed off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will do nothing to stop speculation about a potential return. Indeed, it feels as though barely a week goes by without Robert Downey Jr. being linked to at least one project set in the world’s biggest franchise, even after the actor admitted that he’s done all he can with the character of Tony Stark.

Meanwhile, though he might not be dead, less than two years after Avengers: Endgame was released, Chris Evans is reportedly back in talks to return as Steve Rogers, but the rumor mill isn’t solely restricted to the good guys. Chloé Zhao’s Eternals is scheduled to arrive in November having been pushed back an entire year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and while we know nothing yet in terms of plot specifics, Thanos has continually been pegged for an appearance.

Admittedly, it makes perfect sense on a narrative level, with Marvel recently confirming that the Mad Titan will be keeping his comic book origins as the son of two Eternals in MCU continuity, which would technically make him the cousin of Angelina Jolie’s Thena. And in a recent interview, the character’s co-creator Jim Starlin claimed that he’s heard rumors about the Infinity Saga’s end of level boss showing up in the intergalactic blockbuster.

“I believe I heard some rumors that he’s coming back in different things. I think I’ve heard, confirmed from Marvel Studios, is that he’s going to be at least a guest appearance inside Eternals, so he’s going to be around. This is not anything I’m making up. This is something I’ve read somewhere.”

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Thanos will be referenced on multiple occasions given that the official synopsis directly named the events of Endgame as pivotal to the Eternals revealing themselves after spending so long in hiding, but there could also be flashbacks featuring a less insane version of the big purple maniac seeing as he’s tied directly to the titular race. Not to mention that the plot is set to span thousands of years.