The 24-Film James Bond Blu-Ray Collection Is Currently On Sale

There’s no movie franchise quite like James Bond. It’s been nearly sixty years since Britain’s most famous secret agent exploded onto screens in Dr. No and his latest, No Time to Die, is cleaning up at the box office. Over that period we’ve seen Bond appear in 27 movies (including 1967’s Casino Royale and 1983’s Never Say Never Again), but the vast majority are collected in this 24-film box set.

‘The Complete James Bond Blu-Ray Collection’ usually sells for $115 but is currently marked down. This includes every MGM Bond movie up to Spectre, with the blurb promising a “fitting tribute to the most iconic and enduring secret agent in history”.

There are a couple of caveats. Obviously, No Time to Die isn’t included, though it’s disappointing that there isn’t even space to add that when it’s released. Previous Bond collections have made provisions to add discs, and as the new movie is Daniel Craig’s final mission, it would have nicely rounded out the collection.

Another small gripe is that every disc except Spectre has a classy 007 design, leaving it as the odd one out. This is presumably so they wouldn’t have to press a separate version of the 2015 movie, though if you’re putting out a deluxe box set, don’t skimp on the details.

With the 60th anniversary coming in 2022 I’m betting there’s another box set coming, likely bringing the films onto UHD HDR for the first time (which is likely why this is discounted). If you’ve got a fancy TV, it may be best to wait for that.

But hey, this works out to a measly $3.28 per movie, so even if it cuts a few corners, it’s still a good deal. Let’s hope that with No Time to Die finally out we get an announcement on the new James Bond soon, who’ll undoubtedly usher in another brand-new era of style and excitement.