‘The Adam Project’ tops the Netflix charts in almost as many countries as ‘Red Notice’

the adam project

Ryan Reynolds has only made three original movies for Netflix, but the actor and producer is already closing the gap on Adam Sandler when it comes to determining which talent can be named as the streaming service’s biggest draw.

While Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions have an exclusive first-look development deal with the platform, one that’s seen old and new projects alike regularly draw in massive viewership figures, Reynolds has the Sandman beat in one key point of comparison.

The global success of Michael Bay’s 6 Underground and the star-studded Red Notice gave the Deadpool star the honor of being the first person to appear in two titles that wound up on Netflix’s all-time Top 10 most-watched list, and he’s well-placed to make it three-for-three with The Adam Project.

As per FlixPatrol, the time traveling adventure has seized the top spot in 86 countries around the world; that’s ahead of the 83 managed by Sandra Bullock’s The Unforgivable (which also cracked the historical Top 10), and just a touch behind the 88 that instantly feasted on the star-powered shenanigans of Red Notice.

The Adam Project may have only premiered last Friday, but it already feels somewhat safe to assume that Reynolds will have his third feature in a row go down in the history books as one of Netflix’s most popular in-house exclusives ever.

Reynolds and Shawn Levy clearly bring out the best in each other looking at their two collaborations so far, and subscribers have responded in kind by spending their weekend with The Adam Project.