‘The Batman’ director reveals if he’s planning to indulge Robert Pattinson’s love of Condiment King

the batman
via Warner Bros.

With James Gunn now overseeing DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, it’s reasonable to expect the brains behind The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker to continue indulging his love for the more obscure and bizarre deep cuts from the comic book back catalogue, but it’s hard to imagine any of the oddball Z-listers showing up in Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe.

After all, the filmmaker went darker and grittier than even Christopher Nolan to craft a stellar debut for Robert Pattinson under the cape and cowl, with work on the sequel continuing at pace after it was confirmed almost instantly that Gunn had no plans to rock this particular Gotham City boat.

Paul Dano’s Riddler was a cerebral mastermind plagued by trauma, while Barry Keoghan’s Joker is the gnarliest iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime we’ve ever seen, so it’s difficult to envision Condiment King swinging by to cause havoc in Reeves’ Gotham. Then again, Robert Pattinson is a noted fan of the offbeat antagonist, with the filmmaker addressing the chances of the leading man fulfilling his dream in an interview with ComicBook.

“Oh gosh, I don’t know. I really couldn’t answer that because I really don’t know, and also people are going to be rampantly speculating. I will say that to me the funniest thing that Rob did the last time that we were on the press tour is that he kept talking about how great he thought it would be if we did Condiment King because he loved the idea of somebody just dousing somebody in mustard. I won’t commit to saying that Condiment King is going to make a reference but I’ll just use that as an answer to your question because I don’t have an answer to your question.”

Even if we don’t see Condiment King in The Batman sequels or spinoffs, we’re of the belief that he’ll turn up eventually, with a future Gunn-driven project the obvious candidate. Peacemaker season 2 is in development as we speak, so perhaps it’s happening sooner than we think.