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Ex-Flash Director Seemingly Throws Shade At Ezra Miller After Choking Video

Former Flash director John Francis Daley appears to have called out Ezra Miller following Sunday's viral video.

The Flash

Amid all the strange and troubling news currently clogging up our timelines, Ezra Miller found himself thrust into the blinding glare of the Internet’s spotlight late Sunday night, when video footage appeared to show him choking a woman and wrestling her to the ground at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Fair warning: the footage is alarming – indefensible, really – and there’s still no sign of an official statement from Warner Bros. (or indeed Miller) at the time of writing.

That’s bad enough, but over on Twitter, director John Francis Daley, who was once attached to helm Warner’s standalone Flash movie, has posted a rather interesting tweet in light of the aforementioned viral video. It’s only two words long: “creative differences.”

You may remember that Daley and co-director Jonathan Goldstein decided to walk away from The Flash, citing creative differences with Warner Bros. Could it be that Daley is inferring that ‘creative differences’ was actually a blanket term used to mask the real reason they left the superhero project – i.e. Ezra Miller?

See for yourself:

Perhaps we’re reading into things? Maybe. But the timing of the tweet is conspicuous…

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it’s fair to say that the online backlash has been ferocious. From online petitions to fans openly calling on Warner Bros. to replace Ezra Miller as the Flash, the actor is now facing the wrath of the Internet. And until we get some form of explanation – or, better yet, an apology – that anger is unlikely to subside.

One glance at the Warner Bros. schedule will tell you that Miller is attached to both Fantastic Beasts 3 and the long-awaited Flash spinoff movie. Alas, his involvement in each blockbuster is now tenuous at best following the incident in Reykjavik.