This Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Theory Is Bonkers But Believable

Speculation about the plot for Spider-Man: No Way Home is seemingly endless, and speculation is coming from everywhere.

We know a few things for sure. The movie involves Spider-Man being outed as Peter Parker and then going to Doctor Strange to fix the issue. Strange messes up and opens the multiverse, and the fun begins.

There are rumors that both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will appear in the film. There are teases for the Sinister Six coming back. There’s also an end-credit scene from the new Venom movie teasing that he’ll be a part of the future Spider-Man movies as well.

Now, a fan has come up with a fairly crazy theory that is so bonkers it just might be true. Take a look, and these are spoilers, obviously.

Basically, the theory states that Spider-Man will get his iconic black suit at the end of the movie and snatch victory from the hands of defeat from the Sinister Six.

The reason this theory makes sense is that Marvel’s building up to the all-encompassing story of Secret Wars. Secret Wars brings a whole smothering of characters together in one place. The theory said we’ll see Venom re-join with Eddie when Spider-Man ultimately rejects it.

This theory just adds another layer to the ongoing speculation about the new movie. There’s already going to be so much going on it’s hard to imagine there’s any room for another storyline, but you never know.

Spider-Man: No Way Home producer Amy Pascal recently commented on working on the new movie and whether Venom would appear in it.

“You know I’ll never tell you that,” Pascal said. “But it was a lot of fun to do, and we love Tom Hardy…”

Well, that clears it up! But not really. Do you think this fan theory could be true? Tell us in the comments!